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Mario Kart 8 is Top-Selling Game in June, Has Sold More than 885,000 Units in the U.S.

After firing out of the gate at the end of May, Mario Kart 8 had an even stronger second lap. The game was the top-selling physical...


Nintendo Download Highlights – Mar. 27, 2014

This week’s Nintendo Download includes the following featured content: Virtual Console on Wii U Dr. Mario – Feeling under the weather?...


Poll: Who If Your Favorite Nintendo Character?

Weekly Mario Report Poll: Just a quick question for all of you Nintendo lovers out there… This week it is down to Mario and Luigi....


Iwata talks full-year financial forecast

Opening explanations by the President at the press conference regarding full-year financial forecast and dividend forecast modifications...


Nintendo Direct (South Korea) – livestream

A Nintendo Direct in South Korea? These videos are usually pretty rare. South Korean Nintendo Direct broadcasts are usually hosted by...

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